Our passion

At Springwood Living Group we believe that retirement living should be the most enjoyable years of your life.   We are deeply focused on ensuring that our communities provide you the opportunity to actively be involved in as many or as few things as you desire.

All our senior team members have over 15 years’ experience in national organisations that own and develop retirement villages. This gives us the experience and unique ability to craft the lifestyle that retirement should be; promising connection, freedom, security and financial peace of mind.

Furthermore, it ensures we can identify the best architects, interior designers and landscape specialists—to deliver the lifestyle our hand-picked village managers will be proud to maintain and refine.


Our history and evolving story

Springwood Living Group is a boutique owner and manager of retirement villages. Our first flagship community (or asset) was The Woniora at Wahroonga (NSW), which we commenced in 2014.

From day one, we worked proactively with the existing residents to undertake a significant refurbishment which transformed the village. Often enjoying full occupancy, this community of 52 independent living apartments is much loved by residents and their families alike. Unit prices have appreciated significantly, as we continue to work hand in hand with the resident committee to constantly enhance the quality of life for all who live there which increases the demand of others looking to join our community.


Welcome to living the Springwood way

A new address. A familiar lifestyle. Our first challenge. We’re proud to say our first retirement village, The Woniora, combines the highest quality architectural design and finishes with uncompromising service and excellent security, to create a luxurious retirement lifestyle option. It is an enriching start to Springwood Living Group’s future vision—creating the freedom for residents to do everything they enjoy now, and opportunities to discover something new.

Visit www.thewoniora.com.au

We believe retirement is all about immersing yourself in more of what you desire. At The Healey everything blends together just perfectly to achieve this. With 55 boutique independent living apartments we are creating just the right amount of privacy and community. The Healey combines contemporary character with a distinctive local coastal flavour. Each of the one, two and three bedroom apartments, in this architect-designed community, promises lifestyle flexibility now and in the future.

Visit www.thehealey.com.au

Coming together to share more

Matthew Chun and Steve Leske are the Executive Directors and Co-founders of Springwood Living Group. This is the culmination of a joint desire to own and manage boutique lifestyle villages, where they are actively involved with the residents to continually perfect a better lifestyle for all.

Steve Leske commenced his career as a finance executive and has held a number of senior positions with ASX finance and property-based listed organisations. Steve has also been actively involved with the development and ownership of retirement villages over the last 15 years.

Matthew Chun has been involved in the property industry for over 25 years and been intimately involved in the ownership and development of retirement villages over the past 15 years. He has held a number of CEO roles with ASX listed property-based organisations before co- founding Springwood Living Group.

They both believe if you don’t see a smile every day it’s not worthwhile.

Meet our Executive Team

Sue Loeliger is the Sales and Village Manager The Healey. Sue’s first role was Office Manager in 2000 during the construction of a large village in Bayside Melbourne. Sue worked to set up all office systems, security systems and assisted the first residents with their move. The village is now a mature village with over 400 residents who call it home.

During 2006 and 2008 Sue was promoted to manage a number of villages during their development stage due to her success at the Bayside village which she returned to at the end of 2008 as village manager upon the completion of the development of that project. In 2009 Sue was awarded the honour of the Australian Village Manager of the Year by the industry body—the Retirement Village Association.

Her passion and commitment to Retirement living has ensured an esteemed career with a mutual respect from her colleagues and the residents that she strives to satisfy.

Sue is ready to build another happy community enjoying the perfect retirement blend in a great pocket of Moorabbin. Her passion for working in the sector is due to “the amazing combination of being able to assist older people to enjoy their homes, activities and lives while learning so much from them.”

Lynn Pierce is the village manager of The Woniora in NSW’s northern beaches suburb of Wahroonga. Arriving in Australia from the UK in February 2005 Lynn gained her first retirement village management position on Sydney’s northern beaches at a village comprising 203 independent living units and 26 serviced apartments. The village was part of a national portfolio of villages owned by an ASX listed company. Lynn then moved to The Woniora in 2014.

With a background in business development, budget allocation and staff management, Lynn has used this knowledge to ensure the smooth and successful running of both villages. Having a strong customer service focus and developing relationships with residents, their families and stakeholders maintains Lynn’s moto: “Whoever is happy will make others happy.”

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